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Three Arm Fixed Turret Fixed Oven / Four Arm Oven 


Naroto offer bi axial three/ four arm an ideal machine for high volume production, even complicated sizes with similar working cycles. Moulders will appreciate its wide swing diameter  from  60  to 240 inches. Sturdy steel structure with high efficiency out put and less maintenance are its principal features.

Naroto three arm machine is mainly used in application where the process time for each arm require equal like one heating chamber one cooling chamber and one load/unload area. Also available in different application like Four station where one heating,one precooling, one cooling and one loding/unloding area. Four station where one pre heating,one heating, one coolling, and one loading/unloading area. Four station where one heating chamber, one cooling chamber, two load/unload area.
Special design heating chamber for energy efficient heat transfer to the moulds for fast and short cycle time
Insulation material for better working environment.
Straight arm with two spacious spiders (optional) to accommodate different size moulds for convenient working.
Straight arm with four mould individual carreir for uniform thickness.
Provision for second/third charging manhole on the top of oven for charging polymer without opening the oven doors.
Oven controls are equipped with necessary interlocking and safety devices with alarm
Micro processor based machine control panel  with digital display (plc on request)
Enclosed cooling chamber with high performance industrial cooling fan.
Variable speed a/c drive for major and minor speed.
Mould positioning and balancing facility inbuilt
Range available from 60 to 237 inches (1.5 to 6 mtr.) With multi arm as per custom requirement.
Environment friendly burner suitable for lpg/cng/oil/duel fuels.
Layout: Technical Specification
     L    B    H    00MS    00A    0H1    0SMS    0SA    SH2    SH3
NAROTO-FOB-0100    9.5    8    3.1    2300    1200    1725    2300    1400    710    400
NAROTO-FOB-0150  11  9  3.5  2500  1400  1880  2500  1600  760  400
NAROTO-FOB-0200  11.5  9  3.7  2700  1600  2030  2700  1800  800  400
NAROTO-FOB-0300  12.5  9.5  4  3100  1950  2300  3100  2100  940  400
NAROTO-FOB-0500  13  9.5  4.2  3400  2100  2530  3400  2600  890  500
NAROTO-FOB-0750  16.5  13  4.7  3800  2350  2890  3800  3100  850  500
NAROTO-FOB-1000  18  14  5.2  4100  2670  3040  4100  3400  840  600
NAROTO-FOB-1500  18.5  14.5  5.7  4300  2870  3190  4300  3600  870  600
NAROTO-FOB-2000  20  16  6.7  5300  3250  4190  5300  3800  1550  600

High Speed Mixer Machines


The mixer function as hot mixing [temperature is increased due to friction generated during high speed mixing process.] Naroto offer high speed mixture suitable for polymer resin to mix with additives ,pigment paste or powder ,for dry blending and granules with masterbatches .


Lldpe granule, lldpe powder, p.v.c. dry blending


  • Capacity 25 to 100 kgs per batch. For granule
  • Capacity 25 kgs to 100 kgs. Per batch for resin with pigment powder
  • Moisture free blending and compounding with additives in different controlled temperatures.
  • Stainless steel inner vessel and graded mild steel outer jacket provided with temperature sensors for monitoring the powder temperature and water jacket to avoid clotting of the resin during process.
  • Process  control timer   switch to set and monitor  the process .
  • Provision for on line additives or pigment adding facility and breather valves on the lid.
  • Pneumatic controlled powder discharge and lid opening arrangement.
  • Digital display of powder temperature and water jacket temperature.with hooter /alarm  for process timing indication..

Technical Specification

    NAROTO-MI-025    1.2 x 1.4 x 1.1
    NAROTO-MI-050  1.5 x 1.8 x 1.5
    NAROTO-MI-100  1.7 X 2.0 X 2.0



Scrap Grinder

Over View

Naroto offer sturdy and efficient scrap grinder machine used for recycling the rejected moulded articles made from lldpe, ldpe, hdpe,p.p, pet, eva, ps,. pc, pvc&rpvc etc.


Suitable for lldpe, ldpe, hdpe,p.p, pet, eva, ps,. Pc, pvc&rpvc injection /blow/ roto moulded articles.


Heavy mild steel structure with hopper for easy loading of scraps. Unique design of rotor blades functioning as shredding is our unique design.  Sturdy multiple rotory and fix blades of alloy steel for longer services life and efficient grinding. Option for material conveying system after grinding.

Technical Specification

    NAROTO-SG-010    1.4 x 1.0 x 2.0
    NAROTO-SG-015  1.4 x 1.0 x 2.0
    NAROTO-SG-020  1.5 x 1.2 x 2.0
    NAROTO-SG-030  1.5 x 1.2 x 2.0
    NAROTO-SG-040  1.5 x 1.2 x 2.0



Vibro Screen

NAROTO Vibro Screens are also suitable for grinding of plastic / polymer granules for effective removal of dust particles and oversized particles. These machines, when used for Reprocessed material from scrap cutter, are ideal for separating un-cut pieces and fine dust, providing exact granule size for recycling (reuse), thus meeting the demands of the Plastics Industry.


NAROTO Vibro Screen is a most effective solution for various screening and separation applications encountered in plastic industry, particularly in case of reuse of the material.

Technical Specification

    NAROTO-VI-18    700 x 700 x 500
    NAROTO-VI-24  900 x 900 x 750
    NAROTO-VI-26  950 x 950 x 800
    NAROTO-VI-32  1150 x 1150 x 850
    NAROTO-VI-39  1550 x 1550 x 950
    NAROTO-VI-48  1700 x 1700 x 1100
    NAROTO-VI-60  2300 x 2300 x 1100
    NAROTO-VI-72  2400 x 2400 x 1350



Shuttle Machine


Shuttle type Rotomoulding machines are available in two version like
(1) Moving oven with moving carriage [shuttle]
(2) Fix oven with moving carriage [shuttle]


Shuttle type Rotomoulding machines are specially designed to hold heavy moulds as well as multiple moulds with various capacities. Provision for such  heavy mould carrier plates and arms are provided both side support for sturdy comfortable operation instead of cantilever type station arms, which is a special feature for the shuttle type machines.


NAROTO offer shuttle type Rotomoulding machines with heavy duty arms and mould supporting at both ends, rather then one side cantilever type stations. Oven chambers are provided with burner and blower for fast heating of moulds in large volume chambers.

  • Straight arm capable of holding up to 12 nos. of moulds with three numbers of four moulds carriers.
  • On floor level portable type high efficient axial flow cooling fans for fast cooling.
  • Provision for second /third charging man hole on top of the oven.
  • Oven controls are equipped with necessary interlocking and safety devices .
  • Micro processor based machine control panel with digital display .
  • Both major and minor axis rotations are controlled by a/c inverter drive Motors.
  • Mould positioning and indexing  facility for second charging.
  • Machines available from 1,000ltrs to 20,000ltrs capacity.
Layout Technical Specification
     L    B    H    00MS    00A    0H1    0SMS    0SA    SH2    SH3
NAROTO-SHU-0100    7.5    5    3.1    2300    1200    1725    2300    1400    710    400
NAROTO-SHU-0150  8  5  3.5  2500  1400  1880  2500  1600  760  400
NAROTO-SHU-0200  8.5  5.5  3.7  2700  1600  2030  2700  1800  800  400
NAROTO-SHU-0300  10  6  4  3100  1950  2300  3100  2100  940  400
NAROTO-SHU-0500  11  6.5  4.2  3400  2100  2530  3400  2600  890  500
NAROTO-SHU-0750  12.5  6.5  4.7  3800  2350  2890  3800  3100  850  500
NAROTO-SHU-1000  14  7  5.2  4100  2670  3040  4100  3400  840  600
NAROTO-SHU-1500  15  7.5  5.7  4300  2870  3190  4300  3600  870  600
NAROTO-SHU-2000  16  8.5  6.7  5300  3250  4190  5300  3800  1550  600


Mould is the heart of roto moulding process. Moulds can be in materials like MS, Stainless Steel etc. Mould making is an art since the quality of the mould decides the end product.

Molding  are used to create ceramic, rubber or elastomer, plastic, glass, composite, silicone, and metal parts by molding with liquid material, or pressing solid materials or powders into a die or form.

Processes employed in molding may include casting, compression molding, compaction, ramming, hot pressing, cold pressing, injection molding, resin injection molding, transfer molding, thermoplastic molding, thermoset molding, rubber or elastomer molding and other specialty molding technologies. A wide variety of parts can be fabricated using molding processes such as mechanical components, housings or cases, seals, gears, impellers, valve parts, belting, dielectrics and insulation, bumpers, vibration absorbers, nozzles and ferrules. Molded parts have applications for OEMs in the automotive, heavy-duty, industrial, energy, materials processing, chemical processing, defense, aerospace, appliance and the medical, industrial controls, medical devices, laboratory products, safety, consumer, telecommunications, electronics and electrical industries.


Rock-N- Roll Machines


Most economical sturdy rotomoulding machine to produce large size hollow  product up to 40000 ltr.  / 10000 usg capacity


Suitable for large size cylindrical vertical container and other similar products. Also used for roto lining of products.

  • Basic Frame:
  • Made from heavy mild steel and tripodal supporting structure with all required accessories.
  • Easy To Operate:
  • Machine operating function through digital control panel
  • Economic:
  • Low cost more prdouction for big size hollow product.
  • Electric:
  • All motors are ac with speed variable drive for rocking and rolling actions so that the speed can be control through the panel board. Smooth running without jerking.
  • Heating:
  • Low pressure outside individual adjustable burners are designed user friendly for adequate use by operator with little knowledge and to ensure for effective burning, low consumption of fuel, trouble free services for long time. Its construction is simple but robust and no frequent repair is necessary. Also flexbility to change from gas fired to diesel fired system.
  • Cooling:
  • Cooling station with rolling drive, steel structure, and high efficiency industrial cooling fan for fast cooling.
  • 0% Rejection:
  • Process fully visual so that very less chances in rejection of products. higher production and less break down & maintenance.
  • Accessories :-
  • [Optional ]penumatic second charging [pneumaticaly operated] unit for adding second /third layer resin by operators comfortably..


Layout               Technical Specification
     L  B  H  L  B  H
NAROTO-RR-011    3.5    2    1.5    3.5    4    1.5
NAROTO-RR-022  3.8  2.3  1.7  3.8  4.6  1.7
NAROTO-RR-055  5  3  2  5  6  2
NAROTO-RR-110  7  3.7  3  7  7.4  3
NAROTO-RR-220  7.5  4.2  3.3  7.5  8.4  3.3
NAROTO-RR-330  8  4.8  3.5  8  9.6  3.5
NAROTO-RR-440  8  4.8  3.5  8  9.6  3.5
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